4 Mar

Don’t wait to be briefed!

– written by Ingenuity’s CEO & Founder, Chris Kemp

The Opportunity


From a new business perspective, it’s a brilliant time to be on the supplier side of the marketing industry. The energy really feels like it’s gone up a notch.


Brand marketers are no longer just interested in innovation; we’re actually seeing client teams commercially incentivised to implement it – happy days! We expect to see more marketers open to fresh approaches to ensure they hit their innovation KPIs.


This commercial shift has really placed the onus back on the agency world to proactively seek out opportunities rather than wait to be briefed!


Insight & Approach 


Ingenuity has recently seen a rise in challenge-based requirements, as opposed to agency ‘type’ or media specific needs from brands.


Clients are now more open than ever to having their challenges approached from multiple angles. This means two things for agencies:


1. Insight – do all you can to understand client’s business challenges – it’s actually quite a rewarding process putting yourself in their shoes!


2. Approach – make the right stakeholders aware of how your offering can crack that challenge.



If you can do the above, you’ll create brilliant opportunities for your business.


Even better – if you can spot a challenge that clients may not even be aware of yet, then that’s where you’re onto a real winner! Those that future gaze client challenges the best, will in turn get the best traction.


I also believe that this new willingness to innovate is due in part to a new generation of marketing teams within the challenger brand world. They’ve proven that innovative marketing techniques can equate to rapid growth, and that’s exciting for everyone.


It’s always good to be proactive, but right now seems like a great chance to tell clients exactly how your business is relevant to them.



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