9 Aug

Ingenuity Meets: Gousto’s Flo Gibson & Elizabeth Izod


Flo Gibson is Head of Brand and Elizabeth Izod is Social Media Manager at Gousto.

Q: Can you discuss what is most important to you during an active search process for an agency…

Liz: I think we count on Gousto colleagues a lot. They’ve come from different areas, they’ve had experiences with different brands, different agencies and different processes, which is important when scoping out some different agencies and working out what their suitability will be.

Flo: I also think case studies are helpful to gauge the work that agencies have done before and their proven track record.  You can see how their skills and experiences might actually be applicable to your business.

Liz: Awards are really useful as well, just to see that they are recognised in their field. They can show what kind of campaigns they’ve been spearheading and demonstrate their position as innovators and forward thinkers within their field.

Flo: I think there’s something really proactive about awards as well, because even the process of applying for awards isn’t easy. They’re caring about their reputation and how they’re perceived by others.

Liz: You need to know what you’re dealing with from the outset because you’re not going to move from one agency to another unless you know that the agency you’re investing in has got a really good reputation and a good background.

Q: Do you see value in these networking events for an agency to raise their profile and build relationships with brands?

Flo: I think that they’re really important. So much of the way business is conducted at the moment is online and through emails. Fewer and fewer people are picking up the phone to make contact with marketers. To be able to get lots of industry specialists all in one place where you can still save your time by meeting people, sharing information and making face-to-face connections is really, really valuable and it’s something people just aren’t doing enough. For it to be wrapped up in something that’s easy, set-up well and where you can just turn-up and get loads of value out of one afternoon rather than having to travel to meet these different agencies, is a very powerful thing.

Liz: I think face-to-face is really valuable as well. The opportunity [the agencies] have to meet all the different brands, I mean you would never meet this many different agencies within this time frame, so coming from our perspective where we don’t generally use agencies, it’s a way that we can see a lot of different options.  We can then take that and see if we can apply it to the business and look into our current projects and determine where the value might lie.

Q: Where does the need for a new agency normally come from in the first place?

Liz: I guess it’s just what we don’t have in-house.  We’re still growing so there’s a lot of new talent coming into the business.  But as a fairly new business, areas where someone is really established and experienced in an agency world could help to propel us forward because of their expertise.

Flo: And I think we’re growing so quickly that there’s always so much work to be done and if there’s a small project or problem that can be outsourced, then we’ll do it so we can carry on with the everyday running and development of the business. That’s where the necessity for using an agency comes in for us.

Q: If an agency wants to get a meeting with you from cold what’s the best way to do that?

Flo: Let me think. I think you get so many emails every single day from agencies or recruiters that I think to be able to get some face time for a meeting there’s the necessity to do something different.  It’s not just reaching out to people on LinkedIn.  It’s not sending a generic email.  Personalised approaches are the most valuable where they have done the research about someone and then put in the extra effort to make sure they secure that meeting.

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