13 Nov

Matchmaking Magic


Relationships matter. For any business to be successful, it must have great relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders, regardless of organisation type. Customers of course, but also partners. This is particularly true in relation to the agencies it employs. Partnerships of that type are only ever successful when the organisations in question are well matched.


Obviously, any agency you employ needs to be able to deliver the service you require, and deliver it well. And there are certain commercial factors to consider; from their track record in relation to working with organisations like yours, through to any competitors they might already be in partnership with. In addition to all that they also need to be a good fit. Which sounds like a simple thing, but in practice can be very hard to know in advance. Will the personality types of their team work well with yours? Does their working style match your own? Is your company ethos compatible with theirs?


Matchmaking and building relationships has been one of our specialities since we began. We have our agency recommendation service, our speed dating events and even a brand partnership division – so we’re pretty well versed when it comes to putting brands and agencies (or brands and brands) together.


On that note, we’re delighted to announce another string to our matchmaking bow. Just this week, we’ve signed a partnership agreement with the PRCA to manage their Matchmaker service, which helps brands source the best consultancy help for free.


We were selected based on our excellent connections with brands and agencies, which we use for our own agency recommendation service, and our partnership with the PRCA will only increase this ability. The new partnership will also enable the PRCA to provide an enhanced Matchmaker service by combining the market awareness and reach of the PRCA and Ingenuity.


Read the full story on the PRCA website: http://news.prca.org.uk/prca-and-ingenuity-partner-to-turbo-charge-matchmaker-service/


To find out more about our matchmaking services and how we could help you please get in contact with Duncan Wood on Duncan.wood@ingenuitylondon.com