27 Mar

Sharing Insight & Sharing the Load

Written by Chris Kemp, CEO & Founder of Ingenuity.

It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. The current, and rapidly evolving situation around the Coronavirus has impacted every corner of our lives. In terms of business, I’m sure those in my network working within the agency/brand marketing landscape will agree that the ripples have been far reaching. With all of this in mind, as a business we realise that sharing our experiences and insight has never been more important, so this is what we want to do, weekly.


As an industry that prides itself on being forward thinking, revolutionary, and one that’s full of creative problem solvers, we should be well placed to identify the sparks of inspiration through the dust that is yet to settle.  And at Ingenuity, we want to do all we can do share the insights that we are able to gather to help the whole marketing community do just this.


The thing that has stood out for me in amongst what has unarguably been a challenging couple of weeks as a business owner, is the way the agency community are pulling together and continuing to innovate. Some agencies are looking at using new technologies and others are shifting disciplines to push forwards. It’s a time for fresh thinking and quick pivots where possible. You might have seen the launch of our new Virtual Connect Event Series – we’re all in the same boat.


At Ingenuity we are so fortunate to have worked, and continue to work, with an incredibly diverse set of brands and agencies. Over the years, our position as ‘the middleman’, ‘the matchmaker’, has continuously evolved to give us the most amazing insight into emerging trends and potential opportunities. This still stands. We want to open up access to this priceless insight, both practical and strategic, to our wider network and community.


We will be sharing some of this information in blog form to cover areas like; the sectors that are flourishing in the face of adversity, tips to create chemistry over video, trends to watch and intel on the approaches we know are reaping rewards.


While the ‘new normal’ continues to develop, we’re continuing to prospect for our clients, running pitches and events virtually, managing comms plans, writing content and gathering valuable insight along the way. We’ll feed this all into our blogs.


We know that for a lot of brands, the lives + behaviours of their customers and target audiences have drastically changed and we all need to shift in line with these changes. We’re lucky enough to be able listen to what brands are saying, and we want to share this information with agencies that are working to help them address their challenges.


This sort of gold dust has never been more important. Our clients already utilise it via our What Brands Want insight platform and conversations with their Ingenuity teams. We will be publishing weekly insight-led blogs which highlight the best bits from the week, aiming to spark ideas and generate opportunities for anyone that reads them. I’m hoping my network will find them useful.


Watch this space!

At Ingenuity we understand the wider agency and brand relationship. With insights gained from years of experience and having worked with the best-of-the-best on both sides of the brand-agency relationship, we can help facilitate viable partnerships that last. If you’d like to learn more from our insights or want to gain a clearer view of the agency-brand ecosystem, contact Molly on newbusiness@ingenuitylondon.com for more information.