14 May

The Marketers’ Tavern Times | Issue Six

Letter from the Editor

A combination of a four-day week and gardens and (virtual) VE Day anniversary celebrations beckoning, saw a shorter, but still sweet session for the Tavern’s sixth instalment.

Week six was dominated by Tavern regulars, discussing live-streaming, video conferencing, creativity under lockdown, as well as plans for the Bank Holiday.

As ever, the lockdown lock-in was ably hosted by Ingenuity’s landlord Edd Weller and head barman Freddie Fox (who was late for his shift and subsequently docked wages!).

Live streaming

The marketers enjoyed discussing the rise of live streaming in the absence of physical concerts and performances. We heard about a recent Universal Music live-stream event and the increase in performers who are connecting with fans from the safety of their own homes.

Whilst the Taverners didn’t believe that an online experience would ever replicate or replace the real thing, it has been interesting to see its success in recent weeks and explore the opportunities of reaching audiences in new ways.

Virtual meetings

Our regulars have become experts in home-working and, it seems, whilst many of us are looking forward to meeting up in person again, there have been benefits to the last two months in terms of increased flexibility as well as accessibility. Our marketers felt that colleagues – some who have previously felt like outsiders when dialling in from afar – have enjoyed how lockdown restrictions have made them feel connected on a more level playing field. Additionally, some felt that weekly socials had been better attended now that location has been taken out of the equation. Many are planning to continue with virtual catchups in the future, alongside more traditional physical meet ups.

Though when it comes to training, the marketers believe the mute button is working against them! Training seems to have proved less conversational and discursive than normal with so many participants on mute and happier to listen, rather than actively contributing.


It was interesting to listen to the Taverners’ thoughts on the creative process and how it has been affected by the lockdown. The majority felt that a creative and collaborative approach to brand challenges was harder to achieve in a virtual setting. With some companies already planning a reduction of office space – or even abandoning it entirely – it is worth bearing this in mind.

Driving Tests

And finally, as the Taverners got into the Bank Holiday spirit, there was talk of learning to drive and a suggestion from one of our marketers that – in the absence of driving tests – parents would have powers to determine if their child was roadworthy or not. We have been fact-checking the claim and – whilst this has been proposed by a Utah state senator – thankfully there is no sign of the proposal in the UK, so we can breathe easy for now!

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