21 Oct

Trendswatch | New Business Insight From The Past Week

The restrictions may be getting tighter by the day, but that doesn’t stop us from bringing you all the latest trends and releases to keep you ahead of the curve!

To kick-off, this week has been a big one for brands jumping on the vegan bandwagon – with the arrival of Nando’s ‘great imitator’ and Horlick’s new Vegan malt formula.

Trends of the week include healthy energy drinks, digital festivals, and the continued rise of food delivery.

Healthy Energy Drinks

Crave Drinks has officially landed into the UK. The brand boasts a selection of healthy ‘pick-me-up’ drinks that promise to bring a balance of natural and functional ingredients, blended to help health-conscious consumers stay clean.

Drink brands, such as Crave, are capitalising on the UK’s newfound love for no-low drinks by appealing to the health-conscious consumer without compromising on taste.

The proportion of alcohol drinkers in the UK is now at its lowest since 2005 with Generation-Z and Millennials turning away from alcohol and embracing active lifestyles, especially as they are now living through a pandemic.

Digital Festivals

Digital Festivals are huge right now, and this week Adidas got in on the action by launching its Creators Club Week.  The festival will see the sportswear brand’s biggest ever drop of exclusive and limited edition shoes.

The digital experience will bring Adidas lovers together, following in the footsteps of the Vans virtual music festival that is set to launch in December.

It is likely that we will see similar festivals and events take place over the next few months, as we continue to adapt to our new socially distanced world.

Food Delivery

Finally, did somebody say just eat?

On Thursday, we saw the leading delivery brand (that is now fronted by Snoop Dogg himself!) release a report, showing a huge rise in orders that is set to continue over the coming months.

The brand has already partnered with 800 McDonalds restaurants and 300 Greggs branches, and with orders rising 43% to 46 million during the third quarter it seems that the food delivery boom is here to stay. Watch this space!

More trends and insights to be shared next week