23 Feb

What is the future of consumer PR?


Ask us about our Consumer PR event – taking place on March 7th.
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Some may consider the rise of influencer marketing as a threat to traditional PR and media relations, and as the lines also blur between B2B and B2C, the industry as a whole has a rather large question mark above its head as to what lies in its future.


In fact, influencer marketing has just opened up the world of PR to a whole new platform to push a message onto, especially for consumer brands. But this doesn’t change the core techniques required to form a successful PR programme for your clients.


We are running an event on March 7th to introduce consumer PR agencies to brands looking for answers to their challenges when reaching their core audiences.


With an ever-increasing raft of media platforms for brands to use, the consumer PR market is harder than ever to manage. Last year we received over 45 briefs containing the top challenges leading organisations are facing when considering using PR for their business. Some of the topics brands were asking about were:


  • The difference between media relations and influencer relations – should brands be covering both? Are they one and the same?
  • How PR agencies ensure they know the media landscape and have strong relationships with relevant journalists to get their clients the best opportunities
  • How to ensure all coverage contributes to commercial gain – it’s not just about the number of articles published, but how this directly impacts the bottom line for the brand.


If you’re a brand looking for a consumer PR agency, or a consumer PR agency who can help brands with their core challenges when it comes to PR strategies – drop us a line on events@ingenuitylondon.com to find out more about our upcoming event.


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